welcome to thespread.

this is a resource page dedicated to the development of scripts and applications related to LightWave3D and Maya.



  • multi-pass render management system for LightWave 8.5 - 9.5+ (PC x86 and x64 only)
  • flexible and highly configurable sytem for streamlining and speeding up export of passes
  • commercial product

MEL and LScript (various architectures)

  • supports transfer of vertex animation data from Maya to LightWave, and vice-versa
  • supports transfer of particle animation from Maya to LightWave
  • supports transfer of basic transformation data from Maya to LightWave and vice-versa
03 June 2013

Limited Region Tool
Layout Tool

  • a less-clunky tool to draw render regions onto the viewport.
10 Dec 2008

Generic and Modeler

  • creates a spline in Modeler based on a motion path in Layout
07 Dec 2008

Generic and Modeler

  • creates a motion path based on a polygon strip
  • orientation of motion path based on direction of polygon strip, and polygon normals
03 Mar 2005

Item Motion Handler

  • replacement of native FX_Link
  • use several particle buffers like Age and Velocity to control Position, Rotation and Scaling.
  • FX_Link_Ultra_Master controls parameters of instances after creation

04.11.05 : updated to FX_Link_UltraIA_1.1. fixed particle death behavior. thanks to Tajino for reporting the bug.

03 Mar 2005

Displacement Handler

  • emulates Particle Storm-style displacement particle system.
  • the ability to use bones and displacement plugins to influence particle simulation
04 Mar 2005


  • functions like QuadSkin but can patch or "skin" more than one strip of polygons.
03 Mar 2005

Master Handler

  • panel-based timeline with a multitude of features. still a beta, though.